Local Authority Recycling Solutions

As the Managing Director of the business, I have been personally responsible for over £3 million investments within the collection infrastructure of recycling and recovery within the UK.

Working alongside and with a number of local authorities my role ensured that I was responsible for the collection from 250,000 households per week, the processing and sales of 100,000 tonnes of recyclables per annum and the management of six transfer stations and two MRF’s.

This uniquely enables Materials Recycling & Consultancy to not only offer advice and assistance on best practices for the purchase and sale of products, it has enabled Materials Recycling & Consultancy to develop long term outlets in all of the materials collected, as described in Recycled materials. Fully converse with current legislative requirements we offer both long term and short term outlets, for all materials and grades. Materials Recycling & Consultancy Ltd will provide these innovative solutions for your recycling requirements. Or we can assist through our consultancy business, advice and guidance on the sales of all recyclables that the local authority is responsible for.

Through the Recycling UK group we can provide recycling equipment as well as design and assistance through the consultancy element of the business. Materials Recycling & Consultancy can truly give a 360 degree service for the Local authority needs.

Materials Recycling & Consultancy do not have large overheads nor are we part of any large group. As a small independent business we deliver on time, collections, administration and payments. Pricing and costs are clear, unhidden and transparent.

Working alongside our suppliers and the end destinations we ensure that all collected material will be recycled to both client’s specifications are met and maintained. Dealing with issues as they arise we remove any hassle that may occur.

Our service and processes are tailored for each individual client. We believe strongly that each client has differing needs and we work to ensure that these are met.

We have a small number of clients and these are individually looked after, ensuring a personal touch.

Call us today on 01829 732471 to make an appointment or email richardwaterson@recyclinguk.biz