Graphic Paper Specialist

Richard Waterson Managing Director & Patrick Kilcoyne Director of Materials Recycling & Consultancy Ltd have previously held senior roles with over 60 years experience in this industry. They are highly respected experts in this sector throughout Europe.

In the previous roles they have been responsible for the purchase, collection and sourcing of 1 million tonnes per annum of recovered paper for Recycling. This was sourced through purchasing from Industry, Local Authorities and large printing organizations.

From the start of Materials Recycling & Consultancy we have developed worldwide outlets for all grades of recovered paper. Supporting the UK industry with close links to the UK mills but also offering sound and secure outlets in both Europe and the far east as alternatives.

As the waste paper market often is cylindrical with supply and demand varying constantly. Through our highly developed outlet network we can assure all clients and suppliers of a secure and sound off take.

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